1.Patti Thatha Vanga 60th year marriage ceremony Saspati conducted Madurai.

2. Ever Green Festival (Environment Awarness) Conducted Mangayarkarasi College for Women Madurai.



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Mushroom growth of old age homes is on the up-ward trend without check. Though old age homes are necessary to look after the neglected elders intentional and selfish neglect of the elders must be stopped, not only by enforcement of law but though awareness programs and making the youth understand the importance of elders and the problems that, rise due to the damage done to the fabric of love.


The erosion of love and affinity to-wards the isolation, depression, drug addiction and other illegal activities which nurse the haredness towards the humanity on the basis of some misconception. The end is the fancy towards terrorism which is cancerous to the society and entire humanity.


The youth are taught different kind of technology by which they can mint money. The nursing of love and affection in the mind of youth is also more essential to achieve the culturally developed, civilized society and to save the society from terrorism and misconcepted radical activities.


In the villages there is no awareness regarding the right of the elders and particularly the rights of elderly women. The elders are neglected and deserted in the villages and also in the towns. They are harassed by not providing food and health care. Many instances are not coming to light. the elders swallow the sufferings with humbleness as they are defenseless. They are deep rooted, unbearable human right violation. There is demand for child care but no care for the elders. Today's youth are the elders of tomorrow.


"Desert the mind of deserting the grand pas: "Prevent the erosion of love and affinity towards the elders to save the earth from the trap terrorism and other illegal activities. Prevent mushroom growth of old age homes.



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